London, United Kingdom

(+44) 07788.377.460 [email protected]

Web Development

Passionate & self-motivated web developer!

With a solid foundation in full-stack development, and a wealth of practical experience across the full development life cycle of commercial web based solutions, my career spans over a decade, dedicated to crafting robust web solutions, back-end systems and APIs. Predominantly I’ve worked with PHP, MySQL, SSH and Git in LAMP / LEMP / TALL stacks to deliver applications intended either for back office or client facing.

As the business owner of PRO OnLine Services Ltd, my proficiency in PHP, Linux shell, RDMBS, DevOps and Python were pivotal in providing bespoke applications.

My approach integrates Agile methodologies and a deep commitment to Service-Oriented Architecture, ensuring scalable and efficient back-end systems. Used to working with high-traffic transactional systems, while balancing the need for timely delivery with technical considerations such as runtime performance, scalability, maintainability and reusability. I have successfully navigated complex projects, demonstrating a passion for continuous learning and technological advancement.

Quick to assimilate new ideas, concepts and cutting-edge technologies, I know I can gather further knowledge, and I would like to focus more on technical architecture, systems analysis, as well as driving teams and projects forwards, though I’ve yet to gather experience with people management.

Tech Stack

BackendDatabaseDevOpsProject ManagementFront End
Laravel, Symfony,
Drupal, WordPress
Uvicorn, FastAPI, Pydantic
Redis, Postgres, Hasura, GraphQL
Linux OS
Git flowReact, VueJS

Software Engineer / Backend Developer

Software engineer with a wealth of commercial experience building APIs, web apps and micro-services, with PHP on LAMP (Linux on-prem / cloud) environments, with data storage and persisted on relational or NoSQL databases.