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The Portfolio of Marius Cucuruz:

Web sites / project I’ve built: (custom CMS)
The website is still being used today, even if I’ve created it by myself in 2008. It is based on a custom CMS (content management system), I’ve applied the basics SEO techniques and instructed the owner on how to use it. The web site has a custom reservation module, can have multiple picture galleries, unlimited articles, news and pictures. At first, CNAFM – the customer, recieved web hosting from (static HTML website)
This is a static website that I’ve set up for a paw shop (romanian: “casa de amanet”) in Bucharest, using a template from Template Monster. It received my attention for about 2 years, during which time I was in charge with SEO and SEM, using a budget as little as 150 Euros per year. Overall, this site is very optimized, as it shows on the 1st page of most important SERP on relevant queries (romanian: “case amanet”, “amanet bucuresti”, “case amanet bucuresti”, etc). (custom CMS)
This is a dynamic website followed the success of the; it is for a romanian paw shop from Bucharest as well (romanian: “casa de amanet”), and it is based on the improved version of my custom CMS (content management system). I was managing their SEO and social media campaigns for a little over 2 years, but using as little as 50 Euros per month for that. This site is very well optimized for search engines, and it always pops on the 1st page of most important SERP on business relevant queries (romanian: “case de amanet”, “casa amanet bucuresti”, “case amanet bucuresti”, etc). (custom CMS)
Mr. Petrisor Tanase was a well known master chef in Romania and a TV presenter. We used to work together for nearly 1 year, until he suddenly disappeared from the public eye and let a lot of people down. This web site is also based on my custom CMS (content management system) but it’s been let to rot for the past years or so. (Joomnla 1.5 website)
El Negro is a romanian reggae band and I’ve set up this Joomla website for free, as I enjoy their music allot. I’ve also managed their hosting, site installation and content for the first few months. The band was so pleased with my solution and my work, that they kept the web site on the same platform and same design. Jah Bless! (in colaboration with Marius Roman) is a British company dealing with security services, and I’ve developed this custom dynamic web site together with Marius Roman, a highly experienced web developer with whom I’ve worked for a few years as a freelancing team. This site has changed since it was developed 4 years ago, both in design and structure. (custom CMS)
This would be one of my first web projects as a freelancer, developed on a custom CMS (content management system), about 5 years ago. The web site owner has little interest in the online business, that he couldn’t be bothered to update the content.

Web projects that I’ve been involved in:
(on all of the following web sites I was in charge of web development and SEO, most of them based on Joomla CMS, some on Smarty custom CMS; all were developed while working for )

I’ve developed a web-based intranet applications for several RIN Grand Hotel departments: the SPA division, accounting departament (wages), real estate divison, customer incentive program, employee feedback – (as described in my portofolio [PDF file]).

I’ve won case no. d2008-0801 at WIPO, on behalf of RIN Grand Hotel, thus receiving the rights for the domain name “” from a 3rd party person.

I’ve developed web sites and web applications for Qualitance QBS, Bucharest, Romania – several websites and web-based intranet applications that had to cross over Joomla framework and CATS app. An example of CATS modified software is available here.

Some of my past web projects, that are no longer available online: