London, United Kingdom

(+44) 07788.377.460 [email protected]

About Marius Cucuruz

Key Skills

Software EngineeringWeb Development
Project ManagementCloud Infrastructure

About Me

  • A results orientated professional able to tackle any stage of web development, maintenance and optimisation;
  • Proficient in server-side and front-end development (PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Symfony, Python, Pydantic, fastAPI, Nginx);
  • Exposure to cloud providers (AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode), Docker, serverless, infrastructure-as-code. Comfortable in Linux environments;
  • Accustomed to modern development practices – planning, tracking, versioning systems;
  • An effective team player, adaptable to new working environment, flexible and quick learner;
  • Imaginative person with a problem solving attitude and innovative solutions;
  • A hard-working, diligent and a very ambitious individual eager to learn and develop new skills. I take challenges as opportunities and embrace the change;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills combined with great time management abilities, technical knowledge and commercial awareness to achieve deadlines;



Highly motivated software developer with extensive commercial experience in the (development) life cycle of web-based software solutions. Proven expertise in backend (LEMP, LAMP), dev-ops (Docker, Linux, AWS), as well as front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Passionate about coding standards and industry best practices (including Agile methodologies, TDD, and OOP), and eager to learn new techniques to improve throughput and performance.

Quick to assimilate new ideas, concepts and cutting-edge technologies, I welcome technical challenges, and would like to focus more on system architecture and analysis, as well as leading teams and projects, though I’ve yet to gather experience with people management.

Imaginative person with a problem solving attitude and innovative solutions, flexible and adaptable to new working environment.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: PHP, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, fastAPI, serverless, React, Angular
  • Databases: SQL / RDBMS, NoSQL, Redis, Postgres, GraphQL
  • DevOps & Cloud: Docker, nGinx, Apache, AWS, Cloudflare, DigitalOcean, Linode
  • Tools: Git, JIRA / Confluence, CI/CD, OpenAPI
  • Operating Systems: Linux (LAMP, LEMP), Windows (WSL)
  • Soft skills: excellent communication, SCRUM / Agile, reliable team player, clear documentation