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Frequently Asked Questions

Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s

Marius CUCURUZ – Qs & As

Q: Web design experience, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
A: I’ve been using CSS with every HTML template I’ve ever created, as opposed to inline styling, and for the past few years I’ve used mostly CSS2. During my working time I’ve barely worked with versions prior to HTML4 and I am still to get accustomed to HTML5.
In regard to JavaScript, I cannot consider myself a JavaScript developer, but I’ve often created average complexity functions when it was needed. I find my way quite easily around JavaScript and it has been a part of most of the projects I’ve worked on.

Q: What JavaScript frameworks do you have experience in?
A: I came in contact with Mootools and some jQuery, although frameworks were not a necessity for the websites I’ve developed.
– sample projects:, .

Q: Do you have any knowledge of WCAG accessibility guidelines and an understanding of how to apply them?
A: I am aware of WCAG and the guidelines for making websites available for people with disabilities, but aside the functionalities that had some SEO benefits there hasn’t been too much use for it in my work.

Q: What is your experience in creating wireframes before designing?
A: So far I haven’t worked with wireframes as the people involved in the same projects as myself were quite near, if not in the same office. So beside some theoretical knowledge, I have no experience with wireframes.

Q: Do you have any AGILE / SCRUM experience?
A: I am aware of “scrum” applications but as far as I am concerned, the project management and supervision was the task of a project manager and there was no need for additional software for that.

Q: Do you have much SEO knowledge and experience?
A: For the past couple of years I’ve dedicated lots of my time to SEO, SEM and social networking aspects of website development. I would say I have quite strong knowledge of SEO techniques as well as some proven experience. I am looking forward to taking the Google testing. I’ve worked for a year with a French company established in Bucharest (Romania) and my job was to implement SEO techniques into already build websites.
Whilst working with Holosfind Software I was involved in projects such as, and
– sample projects: and are websites optimized for search engine queries related to Romanian pawnshops (search for “casa amanet bucuresti”, “amanet bucuresti” etc.);

Q: Do you have any experience of designing mobile interfaces either websites or apps.?
A: I haven’t yet designed websites for mobile devices although I know the theory behind mobile web content.