London, United Kingdom

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A motivated web professional with a wealth of experience across the full development life cycle. Focused upon technical architecture, systems analysis, and people management, and used to driving teams and projects forwards with the core values of code quality, performance, and flexible design. An advocate of modern coding techniques, and development practices including Agile, Service-Orientated Architecture and OO. Passionate about problem-solving, with an academic background in AI. Used to working with high-traffic transactional systems, while balancing the need for timely delivery with technical considerations such as runtime performance, scalability, maintainability and reusability.

Future Aspirations:

To begin explaining what I’m looking for in the future I guess I need to briefly go through what I’ve been doing lately. So I’ve had a couple of lead / senior PHP developer roles and even a CTO position recently (although CTO is a bit much as it was a one man team there at the Tab representing IT dpt, web dev while liaising with partners and 3rd party companies). I like coding (mostly back-end but often front end too), I’ve been doing it for several years and I want to keep doing it. I also like venturing into the marketing aspects of building a website (SEO, social media, PPC etc) and I’ve often done that especially in my freelancing. So I believe I have a good understanding of the entire development life-cycle and I could get involved or oversee all aspects of that.
For these reasons I would really appreciate the opportunity and challenge of leading a team or department while still getting down and dirty with coding and occasionally client facing duties. I think I’m ready for that though there is still much to learn (there will always be new things to embrace) and I want to put my experience and skillset to good use, while keeping up to date with latest emerging technologies. And I want this to be my contribution to a long lasting relationship.

Personal Statement:

A motivated web professional with experience across the full development life-cycle. I consider myself a creative and organized developer, good observer and quite attentive to details, and with high analysis abilities. I am accustomed to working under pressure and using own initiative. Quick to assimilate new ideas, concepts and cutting-edge technologies, I know I can gather further knowledge and experience along the way as I am also very enthusiastic about learning and experiencing.