London, United Kingdom

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Resume / Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement

I am a self-motivated & self-taught software developer, with a wealth of practical experience across the full development life cycle of commercial web-based solutions. I also have a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages. As a software engineer, I have a passion for solving problems with code, I aim to drive projects forwards with the core values of code quality, performance, and flexible design.

An advocate for modern coding standards and techniques, and development practices (including Agile, Service-Orientated Architecture and OO), while eager to learn new technologies and approaches to improve throughput and performance. I am quick to assimilate new ideas, concepts and technologies, and I would welcome the opportunity to focus more on technical architecture, systems analysis, as well as leading teams and projects, though I’ve yet to have any experience with people management.

Predominantly I’ve worked with PHP & MySQL, with SSH and Git on Linux environments either bare-bone or on Docker to deliver applications intended for either back office or client facing. I’ve taken an interest in front-end frameworks such as Nuxt, VueJS and React, and would appreciate the opportunity to use them more extensively. Rather recently I’ve developed an interest in Python which is also something I’m keen to get better at.

Used to working with high-traffic transactional systems, while balancing the need for timely delivery with technical considerations such as runtime performance, scalability, maintainability and reusability.

Key Skills

  • A results orientated professional able to tackle any stage of web development, maintenance and optimisation;
  • Proficient in server-side and front-end development (PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Symfony, Python, Pydantic, fastAPI, nGinx);
  • Exposure to cloud providers (AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode), Docker, serverless, infrastructure-as-code. Comfortable in Linux environments and CLI;
  • Accustomed to modern development practices – planning, tracking, versioning systems;
  • An effective team player, adaptable to new working environment, flexible and quick learner;
  • Imaginative person with a problem solving attitude and innovative solutions;
  • A hard-working, diligent and a very ambitious individual eager to learn and develop new skills. I take challenges as opportunities and embraces the change;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills combined with great time management abilities, technical knowledge and commercial awareness to achieve deadlines;


Employment History

  • PRO OnLine Services (director)
    Position: Freelance Web Developer / business owner
    I have decided to open a limited company so I can undertake my own web development projects or share projects with freelancers as they come along, and develop a portfolio. Time permitting, I patiently assist my clients accomplish their goals, and my mind is always open to any suggestions, constructive criticism and feedback.
  • Swarco eConnect (April – November 2023)
    Position: Software Developer
    Tech stack: PHP, Laravel, Python, FastAPI, RabbitMQ, graphQL, API gateway, Drupal9, WordPress, graphQL, Hasura
    Key Achievements: Utilized PHP (Laravel, Drupal) to consolidate fragmented payment gateways, ensuring near-zero downtime. Developed a Python (FastAPI) microservice to support the monolithic Drupal platform.
  • Marmalade Insurance (September 2022 – April 2023):
    Position: PHP Developer
    Tech stack: PHP8, Symfony 4
    Key Achievements: Maintained and enhanced customer acquisition systems using PHP8 and Symfony 4.
  • Love Home Swap (October 2020 – August 2022):
    Position: Web Developer
    Tech stack: Laravel, Docker, AWS, React, RabbitMQ
    Key Achievements: Improved user experience through new feature implementation using Laravel, Docker, AWS, and React. Enhanced system response and availability rates by delivering well-tested applications.
  • (November 2019 – April 2020):
    Position: Web Developer
    Tech stack: Laravel Nova, VueJS, Nuxt, Docker, AWS
    Key Achievements: Managed full-stack development and DevOps responsibilities, transitioning to in-house codebase management.
  • British Horseracing Authority (January – October 2019):
    Position: Web Developer
    Tech stack: Laravel, AngularJS, React, WordPress, MS Azure
    Key Achievements: Developed and maintained APIs for data handling and application hydration using Laravel, AngularJS, and React.
  • DM Companies / VivaStreet (July 2018 – November 2018):
    Position: Web Developer
    Tech stack: PHP5 / 7, SQL, Docker, TypeScript, AWS
    Key Achievements: Upgraded existing code to a service-oriented architecture, leveraging Docker and TypeScript.
  • Apogee Corporation (October 2014 – June 2018):
    Position: Web Developer
    Tech stack: PHP5 / 7. WordPress, MySQL, JQuery, VMware
    Key Achievements: Led data migration and intranet site development, enhancing internal service integration.
  • The Tab (July – August 2014)
    Position: CTO
    Tech stack: WordPress, MySQL, RackSpace
    Key Achievements: Developed WordPress plugins and managed high-traffic web server infrastructure.
  • Ignite Hospitality (February 2012 – February 2013)
    Position: Senior Web Developer
    Tech stack: PHP5, WordPress, MySQL, ModX, JQuery
    Key Achievements: Delivered websites and social media campaigns for the hospitality industry using PHP, WordPress, and ModX.

Education and Spoken Languages

University “Dimitrie Cantemir”, Bucharest, Romania (2005 – 2008)

  • Degree: Bachelor in Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Languages: English, French, German

Fluent: Romanian, English

Hobbies & Interests

I love the flavour and aroma of good coffee not only in the morning but throughout the day. Music, artistic expression, elegance and beauty in any sense strike me all the time, and I will enjoy a good film or an immersive audio / visual experience, or a live gig.
I also like automating and tinkering with my home network using RaspberryPi.


References available upon request

Joshua Smith – Lead Developer, Swarco
Joshua Franks – Lead Dev, Love Home Swap
Simon Green – IT Director, Apogee Corporation
James Barnett – Finance Director, Ignite Hospitality

More references are available upon request.